I'm a copywriter, dog-owner, and internetter in New York City. 

I've worked at a number of leading digital agencies and websites, from VaynerMedia and Droga5 to BuzzFeed and CollegeHumor. My editorial work has been featured on NPR and in Entertainment Weekly, and I've been quoted in Men's Journal and


I've crafted copy, pitched campaigns, and created goal-oriented work for corporate clients, small businesses, individuals and passion projects in entertainment, CPG, e-commerce, podcasting, comedy, and more. I've written social posts, email copy, recipes, technical specs, listicles, and long form editorial. I've built Squarespace sites (you're looking at one), coded Tumblr blogs, and built entire Pinterest board strategies from scratch. I've created content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Steller, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, Peach, FourSquare, Reddit, Periscope, Imgur, Medium, Google+, and more.

If it's content on the internet, I can concept it, pitch it, write it, edit it, make it, publish it, and manage it. I believe there is no "bad brand" — if I'm good at my job (and I am), I can write for anyone or anything.

I run The Sandwich Enthusiast, a food website and community with a cross-platform audience of over 25,000 readers. Please head over to The Sandwich Enthusiast's contact page for more information.

Want to talk? Drop me a line and let's chat.